15th August 2017


is university worth going


how you dont get paid for going to university therefore is a waste of time where you could be earning money

how you come out of university with debt

you have a degree but no experience in the working world

a person doing a trade is further ahead when they get out of uni because they are nearlly fully qualified

university is a parkinglot for people who dont know what to do

would you rather listen to an old guy and earn nothing or to be out earning without worring about debts


don’t get me started about how university is a big waste of money and time. at this time of my life, a year 12 student in mount aspiring college i will have a decision that will change my life, wether it is worth paying and going to university or to go to something i know such as a trade. through this conflict a solution has arised and it is in my best belief that i think that university is a waste of my time. where would you rather be in 2 years time, in another classroom hearing the same old lectures coming home to flatmates that get drunk and keep you up before your big exams or on a building site using heavy machinery on a day to day basis solving problems coming home to the same situation except your not worring about the next exam because there are none. in a lot of ways i believe “University” is procrastination to the working world.






dont get me started on how much of a waste of time this speech is. the end

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