10th March 2017

examples, wuu2, lol, rotfl, lmao

the importance of text language is that t gets the point out quickly and efficiently it can also be used to get the point accross in different ways.

some of the examples provided above are a form of acronyms, acronyms are words that are formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word e.g lol, this is used to get the point across quickly it also sends out a different message, instead of meaning laugh out loud people think it stands for lots of love which causes confusion. in this case the word “lol” wouldnt be efficient unless you are talking to someone who knows what it means.

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  1. Lochlan

    You are examining the individual effects well, and with some detail – what is missing is an explanation of the over-all argument you’re putting forward. You might benefit from thinking that you’re writing this for someone who knows none of this information and you’re trying to convince them that the adaptations young people make to their language, while unconscious at times, are still effective choices and strengthen rather than weaken their communication.

    Also – do give it a title “Modern Language Study”, maybe?


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