one way (directors name) showed tension in the film gattaca was through a film technique called crosscuts. this is a way to show the viewers where everyone is, in this case anton and irene going to ugenes apartment.the way the camera switched back and forth from ugene to irene made it seem like they were […]

is university worth going ideas how you dont get paid for going to university therefore is a waste of time where you could be earning money how you come out of university with debt you have a degree but no experience in the working world a person doing a trade is further ahead when they […]

adidas is the best shoe brand because everyone wears it- bandwagon fallacy when its a hot day more people buy chocolate milk- false cause  

ad hominem – attacking the person not the argument the fallacy fallacy – arguing about the position of the argument texas sharpshooter – pin pointing a statement in an argument and only talking about that false cause – ┬ábelieving in something that is coincidental

close ups n the students faces to show intensity wide shot to show the students competing against one another shots to seem as if time is going by quickly close up on the queen taking out the king

Fahrenheit 451 is set in a dystopian future, you can tell this by the way technology controls people or how they are all made to be exactly the same, a plain reality, a future without knowledge of the past and evidence of it is illegal this is said by captain beatty before raiding his house […]

key moments in the book introducing montag to the book when he was setting books on fire “so many people are. afraid of firemen,i mean when he met clarrise when his wife overdosed on sleeping pills and the next morning she couldnt remember getting her stomach pumped and her blood being changed and now she […]